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Frequently Asked Questions

From time to time, we receive inquiries on how our business operates, what we have to offer, and many other great questions. Below are just a few answers to some common questions we receive. Feel free to contact us if you have a question or concern not addressed below; we’d love to help you out!

How do I sign my child up?

Look for our box with our forms at your child’s school. Drop the form along with your payment option in the box.

Can my child try it before I sign them up?

Yes we offer a free trial upon request.

What if I have more than one child I'm wanting to sign up?

Just be sure to put all children’s names and ages on the sign up form.

How many can go on a bus at one time?

We can have up to 15, but we like to keep it around 12-13 depending on the age group.

How many teachers are on the bus during class?

We always have two teachers in the bus.

What is your policy on returned checks?

All returned checks will be charged a $12 fee.